Chef Nicole

Chef Nicole Barreira

Meet Chef Nicole!

Nicole Barreira; better known as Chef Nicole of T-BONES and Cactus Jack's has been with the Great NH Restaurants group since 2006. She has a culinary degree from Southern NH University, along with a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership / Marketing. She enjoys cooking and eating many types and styles of food and truly enjoys her job of creating new and seasonal menus for us!

Helpful Tips!

Have you seen Nicole on the Food Network? Check out these helpful hint videos...

Chef Nicole Featured on WMUR's Cook's Corner

Check out Chef Nicole's appearance - as well as the recipe for Asian Lettuce Wraps -- on today's "Cook's Corner" on WMUR-TV!

Eating Healthier with In The Pink menu items!

How do you define a healthy meal? Surely, there are a variety of definitions as to what constitutes a meal that will have you feeling "In the Pink®", a 16th century term meaning in perfect condition, especially of health.

Chef Nicole put on her famous pink chef coat and whipped up some deliciously healthy, "In the Pink®" menu selections.

There are now a healthy amount of items throughout the menu that have been created or customized by Chef Nicole to be either (or a combination of):

  • 650 calories or less
  • 10 grams of fat or less
  • 10 grams of net carbs or less

Look for the "In the Pink®" chef coat symbol and feed your health! Enjoy!

You can find all of Chef Nicole's "In the Pink®" items online in one convenient location! In the Pink®

Signature Items

Nicole is a key player in the continual development of our menus, and throughout them you will find a handful of items Nicole finds so delicious she just had to put her name on them. We feel she deserves the credit! Give them a try, we think you'll agree... she's got great taste!

We Cater Greater!

Hosting an event? Chef Nicole and our catering team are ready to help!

For more information: Event Catering

After Work with Chef Nicole!

Join Chef Nicole and the WZID team & get quick tips on topics like food preparation and knife skills from Nicole. Throughout the evening have fun sampling drinks, the featured recipe item, and register for great door prizes, including a $50 T-BONES gift certificate!

Upcoming After Work Events:

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Past Featured Recipe Cards:

Here is a collection of featured recipes from past "After Work" events. Feel free to download them and make them at home. They are delicious!

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